Seminars & Workshops

Jo-Rosie Haffenden and Nando Brown

October 5 & 6, 2019

This is a lecture only weekend.  No working spots are offered.

Happy Tails Portland | 119 Bishop St, Portland, ME 04103 | 207-797-2488


Morning – Beyond Behaviorism

This talk covers how our understanding of canine physiologic, emotions, social psychology, ethology and neuroscience has taken our training to new levels. It broadly identifies reasons why trainers struggle to use methods and discourse the has been discussed post behaviorism. It looks at the problems with behaviorism and broadly explains the other more modern paradigms. The talk then explains how new experiments and understanding are helping us move away from a strictly reinforcement and punishment-based protocol and additionally helping us to understand and work with our dogs.

Afternoon – Multi Dog Households

More and more people choose to bring multiple dogs into their homes and in house dog-to-dog, aggression appears to be an extremely common problem that many trainers and behaviorists are called out to help with. This seminar delves into all the latest research and analyses statistics and studies to help trainers to prevent, predict and assess problem households.

The first part looks at the practical side of dealing with this sort of intense problem and includes specific practical guidance on: control and management, training multiple dogs, pros and cons of feeding routines, integration of a new dog, compatibility and personality, breed and gender mixes, age, injury and illness, group dynamics and dominance.


Predation and Drive:  With the term drive inappropriately used by many to mean motivation we turn to science to discuss the theories of motivation and how they can apply to our dogs and the actual drive theory and the detailed hydraulic model to describe the possible internal desires and how they’re inextricably linked to predation.  After thoroughly analyzing the scientific theories we introduce the audience to our practical application via the E.P.I.C. Protocol.  A great auditing opportunity! Seminar savvy dogs are welcome to audit alongside their owners.


Jo-Rosie Haffenden

With a reputation for sewing the geeky science of behavior seamlessly with the practical know-how and mechanics of good dog, Jo-Rosie has been working as a professional animal behaviorist for over a decade. After completing a degree in applied psychology and a post-graduate in behavior, worked for a large rescue organization.

After developing a particular interest in challenging dog, Jo moved into a private behavior clinic and working mainly with section 1 and 3 dangerous dogs. She became an independent expert witness working for both prosecution and defense under the Crown Prosecution Service. Jo-Rosie went on to set up a Sussex based behavior and training company which is still thriving. Over the last decade, Jo has published three books (two about dog behavior and training and one about cat behavior and training).

Jo also enjoys a successful career in Television, co-presenting channel 4‘s Rescue Dogs to Super Dogs, ITV’s Teach My Pet and has just finished presenting a new show out on Channel 4 this year. She is represented by TV agent David Foster and has enjoyed a range of other TV opportunities. She also creates regular content for her thriving social media channels Facebook (31,000 fans), Instagram (2700 followers) and YouTube (8153 subscribers). Her passion for rescue dogs and in particular Pit Bull Terriers, has lead her to be one of the countries leading experts on the breed and as such she has been asked to lecture internationally on the breed as well as talk on mainstream national TV, international and local radio as well as write for international, national and local papers on the subject.

The last five years have seen Jo working running workshops and lecturing internationally as well as creating online courses for The School Of Canine Science.


Nando Brown

Nando has been working as a dog trainer and instructor for nearly 15 years. Best known for his accessible style, impressive YouTube tutorials, big personality and awe-inspiring ability to train the tricky dogs that many people claim are untrainable.

Having a commendable affiliation with media Nando has hosted his own international radio show, runs one of the most successful dog training YouTube channels with hit videos receiving more than 20 million views, a Facebook page with over 27,000 fans – a successful career in television having worked with Jo-Rosie on Rescue Dog to Super Dog and Teach My Pet for Channel 4 and ITV respectively, as well as a regular section on Marbella Now!

Nando is also a published author. Originally known for trick training and founder of the In The Dog House trick dog titles, Nando‘s also made a significant contribution to the world of scent as the founder of the World Scent Dog Association. He has had a keen interest in protection sports and is currently training his dog for Mondioring competitions as well as aiming for his decoy certification.

Nando teaches thousands of new and experienced dog trainers across the world in all aspects of dog training but his passions lie in cultivating trainers who can think critically, understand the science thoroughly and apply it with common sense. Nando has been invited to run seminars and talk at various large conferences in South Africa, America, South America, New Zealand, Australia and throughout Europe.