Canine Enrichment Program

Canine Enrichment Program

MVP is based upon the progress and needs of every dog as an individual. The daily routine will consist of 4-5 sessions of training, enrichment and play based upon what your dog communicates their needs/wants are that given day. We want to work with you, as their parents, to reach their full potential and most importantly give them a healthy, happy and safe place to work off all of that energy! We consistently work on creating a calm environment to teach and promote life skills, like relaxation, door manners, leash walking, etc. Provide and teach various versions of enrichment (problem solving, sports, etc.) and work on appropriate play whether that be human, toy, or dog to dog. There have been some questions in regard to the “dog play” aspect of this program. We understand that dog play isn’t for everyone and that’s OKAY! We will continue to work with each dog and provide a plan for what YOUR dog needs! We will be sending out an information questionnaire to voice your goals, preferences, and anything we need to know about your pup.

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$45 per dog per day


The day for MVP will look a bit different than that of our regular daycare program. By following a more structured schedule, we are able to provide more opportunities for success through predictability. Each day will vary but the following is a glimpse into some of the options we have each day;

Potty and Play

It’s important to get some energy out early in the day so that they can then have the ability to be calm and more focused when they start their work sessions. We’ll play ball, tug, find it, body awareness games, and perhaps one on one time with another dog.

Enrichment Games

During this time dogs will be worked with individually on impulse control and confidence-building games like obstacle courses, balance, fetch, tricks, recall games, find it games, and more. Our experienced trainer will work one on one with your dog to engage their brain not just their body.  Mentally enrichment is as important as the physical part.  We also are fortunate to have a head trainer with dog sports experience.  Each month Rebeccah does a “sport of the month” and all dogs get to try their paw it something new.

Chill Time

One of the skills that we find valuable is the ability of a dog to relax in our kennel area. During this time dogs will be offered their lunch* (if it is something you usually provide) and be expected to settle quietly in their crate/kennel.

*most dogs over a year old do not need lunch