Canine Enrichment Program

Canine Enrichment Program

Enrichment through training and play!  Maddie Joyal-Myers, CPDT will spend time throughout the day working directly with your puppy or dog. The program has a very limited enrollment to be sure all members receive everything they need.  Brainwork, and mental stimulation, can be even more important than physical exercise for some dogs!  In the Enrichment Program dogs will get a balance of both.

You can contact Maddie via email:

Full Day: $77


By following a more structured schedule, we are able to provide more opportunities for success through predictability. Each day will vary but the following is a glimpse into some of the options we have each day;


Enrichment Games

During this time dogs will be worked with individually on impulse control and confidence-building games like obstacle courses, balance, teaching retrieve, tricks, recall games, find it games, and more. Our experienced trainer will work one one-on-one with your dog to engage their brain not just their body.


Play Time

Dogs will also have a chance to play their favorite game, have sniff time out in the yard or get some snuggle time.  It’s dogs choice for this one!


Chill Time

One of the skills that we find valuable is the ability of a dog to relax in our kennel area. During this time dogs will be offered their lunch* (if it is something you usually provide) and be expected to settle quietly in their crate/kennel.  We will help them learn to crate settle as part of their day.  It’s a very important skill as dogs need time to rest. It also helps with vet time, travel or for any other reason they may need to be crated.

*most dogs over a year old do not need lunch