The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club

Canine Enrichment Program

Physical exercise isn’t the only way to satisfy a dog’s needs. If you really want to tire out your dog, you need to enrich both their body and mind at the same time.

We have developed this program for dogs that are having a difficult time in our play groups. These dogs typically struggle with proper play, manners, impulse control, reactivity, resource guarding or just have more energy than average. The safety of your dog and others will always be our #1 goal here at Happy Tails. However, making sure the dogs have a great time and look forward to coming is also very important to us. This program will help us meet each dog’s individual needs. The dogs will be exposed to different activities that will work both their mental and physical energy allowing them to learn and practice desired behaviors successfully.

This program will be offered Monday through Friday from 9:00 – 4:30.

Reservations are required: text 207-370-4858

$40.00 per day

email Rebeccah with questions:

Meet the trainer: Rebeccah also owns Power Up K9 which is located inside the Happy Tails Training Facility.

The day for our Breakfast Club will look a bit different than that of our regular daycare program. By following a more structured schedule, we are able to provide more opportunities for success through predictability. Each day will vary but the following is a glimpse into some of the options we have each day;

Potty and Play

It’s important to get some energy out early in the day so that they can then have the ability to be calm and more focused when they start their work sessions. We’ll play ball, tug, find it, body awareness games, and perhaps one on one time with another dog.


Enrichment Games

During this time dogs will be worked with individually on impulse control and confidence-building games like obstacle courses, balance, fetch, tricks, recall games, find it games and more. Our experienced trainer will work one on one with your dog to engage their brain not just their body.  Mentally enrichment is as important as the physical part.


Chill Time

One of the skills that we find valuable is the ability for a dog to relax in our kennel area. During this time dogs will be offered their lunch (if it is something you usually provide) and be expected to settle quietly in their crate/kennel.


Interactions with other dogs & Integrated Afternoons

Based on your dog abilities and threshold, they will be exposed to another dog or dogs. This will include things such as, walking past other dogs in the kennel room, walking with another dog or playing in the yard with another dog(s). While we believe that dogs do not necessarily need ‘dog friends’ to be happy, it is important for them to have the ability to be calm and not reactive towards other dogs they see or walk past. These sessions will always be based on safety first and the wellbeing of everyone involved.

We will also systematically work to integrate some of the club dogs into regular daycare groups. These will be a slow and safe practice and only offered to those that it is an appropriate option for.


Walk Time

Breakfast Club dogs will have to opportunity to get out and about for afternoon walks. 10-20 minutes walks where proper leash skills are reinforced. A worthwhile walk isn’t always measured in distance or duration. All dogs need time to stretch their legs in the fresh air and have to opportunity to sniff. Sniffing a particular scent and then interpreting the accompanying information can be the canine version of a mental work out.

As new games and skills are introduced to your dog you will be provided with information on how you can support the games at home. You will also receive a link to your dogs training journal and we also have a facebook group specifically for dogs in our various training programs. If at any time you would like to set up some time to work with our trainer and your dog, please let us know.

If you feel your dog needs more work on certain behaviors, please let us know. We also offer Day-Training with our professional trainer for a more intense learning opportunity.