Dog Walking Service

Happy Tails offers dog-walking services for clients in the greater Portland area! All dog walkers are Happy Tails employees who also work in our daycare facilities, and are capable and experienced handlers. Our walkers will come to your house and take your dog for strolls in their favorite places, rain or shine! We pride ourselves on our client communication and will be in touch with you by phone, email, or text message about how your dog’s daytime adventures went.

To sign up for dog walking you can call a direct line for dog walking 207-370-8822 or for the fastest response email

Prior to your first dog walk, we do require an in-home consultation and ask for a minimum of twenty-four-hour notice to arrange and schedule walks.

We require all dogs to have Rabies and Distemper vaccines, and a clean fecal exam every year. We strongly recommend that your dog have the Bordetella vaccine as well.

Walks times are scheduled from 7:00am – 8:00pm.  We request that you give us a 2-hour window for scheduling purposes.

NOTE: The 10:00am – 3:00pm window is full Monday – Friday.

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The Potty Break: 10-15 minutes
Quick break outside to take care of business.

One Dog: $22  Two Dogs: $26  Three Dogs: $30
No punch card options available

The Basic Walk: 25-35 minutes
Walk in the immediate neighborhood.

One Dog: $26        Two Dogs: $30      Three Dogs: $35
10 Punch $234      10 Punch $270      10 Punch $315

The Great Walk: 40-50 minutes
Walk around the neighborhood or nearby trails

One Dog: $32        Two Dogs: $36      Three Dogs: $40
10 Punch $288      10 Punch $324       10 Punch $360

Cat Visits:
1-3 Cats (10-15 mins): $25        
4-6 Cats (25-30 mins): $34


Additional Fees:
Same-day request fee: $5
This fee will be added to all appointments that are requested for the same day. Our scheduling is very complex and chaotic by nature, and it takes a lot of behind-the-scenes work to make same-day requests happen!

Late-cancellation fee: $5
This fee will be charged when an appointment is canceled with less than a 1-hour notice before your pet’s scheduled appointment. This fee will NOT apply during moderate/severe inclement weather (heavy rain, snowstorm, ice storm, extreme heat or cold).

On-site cancellation fee: one punch off your punchcard or full price of service if you do not have a punchcard. This fee was introduced due to a large number of on-site cancellations that were occurring. We understand that your schedule is crazy at times and that it is very easy to forget your pet’s appointments! However, we may have a waiting list of dogs that need to be let out or cats that need to be fed where the customers have had to make other arrangements for that day. Please remember to cancel if you do not need us so we may serve others that do!